/San Diego Automotive Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber reinforced composites are capable of providing the light-weighting needed for fuel efficiency, and the mechanical strength required for safety. Our engineered solutions will lower your investment costs and reduce the lead time on tooling.

/San Diego Aerospace Carbon Fiber


Driven by significant weight and performance advantages, the application of composite structures is growing exponentially in the aerospace market. Carbon Tech Pro makes extensive use of glass fiber composites for rugged enclosures and aircraft interior components.

/San Diego Marine Carbon Fiber


The next generation of yachts, cruisers and racing vessels will be lighter and stronger when made with carbon fiber composites. Tough, durable carbon composite material stands up to the extremes of marine environments. The high specific stiffness of carbon fiber lends itself well to use in applications such as masts, hulls and propellers.

/San Diego Industrial Carbon Fiber


The light weight, high strength and stiffness of carbon fiber composites – combined with its unique vibration dampening characteristics – makes Carbon Tech Pro components ideally suited to applications where increased processing speeds are desired.

/San Diego Carbon Fiber Repair

Carbon Fiber Repair

Bumpers, Splitters, Side Skirts and Diffusers are very vulnerable to unforeseen road damage. Given the cost of replacement parts on todays Supercars. A majority of damage from heavy scrapes and cracking, failed clear-coat from heat and the elements can be corrected.


This gallery features the marvels of carbon fiber technology implemented in our projects, from automotive to aerospace to marine.

Hummer interior kits available, contact for more info.


With more than 20 years of experience, Carbon Tech Pro specializes in the manufacturing of carbon fiber, composite reinforced plastic structures, and molded products. Carbon Tech Pro is proud to serve locally and nationally in the aerospace, industrial, medical, and automotive industries.

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